Consolidate Loans into

One easy Payment

 Falling behind on paying your monthly bills or having credit cards with high balances and high interest rates adds tremendous stress to your life and generates even more challenges.

With this in mind, we offer numerous programs that aid you in paying down or paying off those bills and relieving the monthly stress of paying down credit cards. Use the equity that you have earned in your home and pay off any high interest monthly creditors and get one easy-to-make monthly payment.

Debt Consolidation loans can cut hundreds of dollars off of your monthly payments and keep that money where it belongs, in your pocket. PLUS, in most cases, it is TAX deductable. (See your tax advisor for details)

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By consolidate all your debt such as current home mortgage, car loan, school loan, credit card loan, and other personal loans into ONE SIMPLE PAYMENT, you can stop paying for some of those high interest rates you owe and start SAVING!!



Debts commonly consolidate with home loan:


1.      ►        2nd mortgage with high interest rate

2.      ►        Car loans

3.      ►        Old school loans

4.      ►        Credit card debts

5.      ►        Personal loans 


Example of existing debts before consolidation:

Debt Type

Loan Balance

Monthly Payment

30-Year 2nd mortgage at 7%



Car loan (5 Years) at 6%



School loan at 9%,8 years



Credit card debt



Total Debt





Result after consolidating all debts with home loan:

New Home Loan

Loan Balance

Monthly Payment

30-Year fixed mortgage at 5.375%





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